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How to Keep Houseplants Alive in the Wintertime

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Any plant enthusiast knows that keeping plants healthy and happy during the winter can be an uphill battle. Between shorter days, a drier, cooler home and other circumstances, you may find it hard to keep them going strong. But you’re in luck—we’ve rounded up a list of solutions for you! For the best ways to keep houseplants alive in the winter, read on.

What Makes a Good Spot for Plants?

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Plant growth and health depends on where they’re kept. The space needs to offer the right balance of light, temperature and more for each plant’s particular needs. A clean, dust-free location is also key. Windows sills can be a really great choice, offering ample light with less heat than the center of a room will have. Garden windows are ideal because of their spacious shelves and design that encourages light and fresh air, but there are plenty of other window styles that can also work great.

Does the Lighting Matter?

Indoor light for plants in the winter is key—whether you opt for natural light, artificial light or a combination of the two. Many plants can tolerate lower light levels, but if you see leaves struggling, a lack of growth or an off color, your plants likely need more light. Each plant is different, though, so it helps to have windows that provide great light in any season.

Natural Light vs. Artificial Light

Fluorescent and LED bulbs are less intense than sunlight, so the hours plants spend under them will need to be higher (anywhere from 15-18 hours per day). It’s also worth considering grow lamps, as they can provide light wavelengths that could otherwise be unavailable. This makes them a great option for more demanding plants.

Four Ways to Help Keep Houseplants Alive in The Winter

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High Humidity

Many houseplants love tropical-like humidity (we’re talking up to 90%), which is a far cry from the 20% most homes offer in the winter. You can run a humidifier, but a more accessible option may be setting up a dry well. Simply place aquarium pebbles in a tray or saucer, set a potted plant atop the tray then water until the water level reaches the top of the stones. This should give the plant a much-needed boost of humidity as the water evaporates. Just make sure any plants you do this with don’t sit in the water and that you change the water out regularly.

Look Out for Winter Insects

The plant-friendly conditions you create in your home can potentially make your plants more enticing for pests. Common ones include mites, aphids and thrips. Be sure to keep watch so you can effectively deal with them. There are different oils and soaps on the market that can be both preventive and used right when insects emerge. It’s also important to dispose of a plant if insects have totally taken it over.

Don’t Overwater

Plants in the wintertime generally call for less water. While this sounds great in theory, this means they can more easily fall victim to overwatering—it’s a much more common issue this time of year than underwatering ever is. Be sure to continually check soil moisture and make the call not to water if it doesn’t feel needed.

Install High-Quality Windows

Drafty, leaky windows can’t offer what plants need and may be harmful to them during the winter. Instead, ensure you have expertly installed, flush windows that automatically keep a comfortable amount of light and heat in your home. With all Window World windows, there’s the added bonus of energy-efficient technologies that are great at keeping harmful light rays and inclement weather out.

Ensure a Great Home for Houseplants With Window World

When your home has higher-functioning windows that look great too, taking care of houseplants gets that much easier. For year-round comfort, energy efficiency, insulation and more, Window World offers the best products for your entire household. Get started today with a free in-home estimate.