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What Happens During Your Window World Consultation

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Getting started with exterior home improvements can feel intimidating. What if there was a seamless, no-cost way to begin? Window World’s free in-home consultation is a foolproof way to understand how your windows, door, siding and/or roofing can best be upgraded. Let’s cover the comprehensive process and the benefits it offers you.

Scheduling Your Free Window Estimate

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Booking your Window World consultation couldn’t be more straightforward. Simply complete our short free estimate form or give us a call about scheduling. A member of our team will then follow up with you about the best time for one of our experts to stop by your home. They’ll also collect any initial project thoughts you may have.

With a Window World consultation, you know you’re getting:

  1. A dedicated expert who works directly for us and not some random contractor.
  2. A no-obligation opportunity to learn more about your home without any hidden fees or pressure to sign a contract.

Initial Consultation and Home Assessment

Before your consultation, we recommend exploring our window, door and siding designs and color options on our site. This will give you an initial idea of your options and how your Window World expert can potentially assist you.

Here’s what you can expect when your consultation day arrives:

On-Time Arrival

We know how valuable your time is, so our Window World representative will arrive exactly when you planned it. Right from when you meet them, our team member is fully invested in delivering the best experience possible and doing everything in their power to help you create your dream home.

Thorough Home Assessment

Our expert will go through your home with you, providing helpful insights about the conditions and performance of the exterior products you have now. Depending on the complexity of what you’re considering, this can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. That said, it’s all based on how much time you’d like to spend, and we can fully work with your schedule and accommodate the time you have accordingly.

Personalized Product Recommendations

We keep the consultation process custom to your circumstances. Here’s how:

Discussing Your Needs and Preferences

Rather than just tell you what your home needs, we want to make sure that any upgrades stem from your actual wants. Based on your home’s style and budget, your expert will work with you to unpack your specific preferences and requirements. In doing so, it’ll become more and more clear which products will match your home and personal taste.

Showcasing Our Products

Our expert will run through different Window World products with you based on your goals. During this time, we’re ready and able to answer questions and help you focus on which products are the best fit for your project.

Answering Your Questions

We know our products and services inside and out, and we’re more than happy to talk through your options. Our FAQs page may already have answers for any initial questions you have, but the consultation is the perfect time to go even deeper based on your unique circumstances.

Providing a Detailed Quote

Once you’ve landed on products you’re interested in, the consultation can move into pricing.

Transparent Pricing

You’ll receive a complete quote in writing that’s valid for 60 days for the services you’re interested in. Our expert will be able to break down each aspect of your total expense so you know you’re getting a good deal.

Financing Options

Window World offers flexible financing and payment plans, including 24 months of no interest, which can be discussed with your expert consultant. To help make your dream home even more attainable, we also offer monthly offers and specials on which we can update you.

Next Steps After the Consultation

After the consultation, you have the space and time you need to think about your next steps. If you’re ready to proceed with installation work, here’s what you can expect.

Scheduling the Installation

Simply give us a call and explain that you’re ready to proceed with your installation. This will prompt your products to start being manufactured (just note that this can take a few weeks due to the customization that goes into making them). Once we receive your products, we’ll reach out to you to align on the best time for installation.

The Installation Process

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On your installation day, our factory-trained team will handle everything. They take great care to carefully review product measurements for the correct fit, remove your existing products, ensure quality installations and thoroughly clean up work areas.

Ongoing Support and Warranty

The benefits of working with Window World don’t end on your installation day. With our limited lifetime transferable warranty, you can truly rely on your replacement products. If something was to go wrong with how they were made or installed, you have the peace of mind that we can make it right.

Why Choose Window World?

The benefits of working with us are as clear as our windows.

Exceptional Quality and Value

Window World products are equal parts high-performing and cost-effective. From their energy-efficient technologies to our extensive accreditations and rave reviews, you know you’re getting the best return on your investment. Our approach is simple: industry-leading products and service standards that keep our customers happy.

Trusted Local Service

From the first person you speak on the phone with to your consultation expert and full installation team, our services are a step above. Being a family-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on professionalism and delivering exceptional customer experiences from start to finish. You not only get long-term product results but a partnership that’s invested in your ongoing success.

Get started with your free estimate and have firsthand guidance on how you can improve your home.