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Top 5 Exterior Door Styles for Your Home

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The outside of your home is a statement on your stylistic values. What you choose to display, from your much-loved porch ferns, seasonal flags or antique rocking chairs, says a lot about you. Your home’s exterior is a part of that style, and your front or side doors add value to your home’s overall appearance! Let’s take a look at five popular exterior door styles to see why they’re perennial favorites among homeowners. 

Traditional Front Doors

For many consumers, a traditional front door style, also known as entry doors, not only adds to the home’s appeal but could also increase its market value. Beyond being a smart choice for potential resale value, traditional front doors play well as a backdrop for most front porch options. A traditional front door style is a timeless choice that also pairs well with more modern styles—its versatility is why it remains so popular.

Sliding Doors

A sliding or patio door brings the outside in with two huge overlocking panels of glass. If you’re proud of your backyard or side garden, a sliding door is a great way to be able to survey the great outdoors from the comfort of your home’s interior. The natural light these doors bring in is another reason for their continued popularity among homeowners. For a smaller home short on space for windows, sliding doors can present a great option for making the best use of limited space. 

French Doors

The elegance and beauty of French doors have brought them to the forefront of homeowners’ minds when choosing replacement doors for their homes for decades. These versatile double doors contain expansive glass space, meaning lots of natural light comes in during the day. Their window-like look makes them an attractive, stylish option that pairs well with contemporary, traditional or more eclectic styles both indoors and out! 

Storm Doors

Living in the South means some things are certainties: long summers, excellent hospitality and hurricanes. The latter explains the popularity of storm doors! These doors are often paired with a more traditional front door as an additional layer of protection against rough weather patterns. In addition to the heavy-duty weatherstripping and strong aluminum frame is one unexpected added benefit: plenty of natural light. By opening your traditional front door and leaving the storm door closed, you essentially have another source of light added to your home! 

French Rail Doors

Take the elegance of a French door, combine it with the simplicity, ease of use and space-saving ingenuity of a sliding door, and you end up with the French rail door. Perhaps more remarkable is the way these doors play well with many different styles. From more modern to traditional styles, French rail doors add a touch of beauty to your home. It’s no wonder so many homeowners choose these doors when renovating their homes!

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