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The Best Windows for Ranch-Style Homes

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The windows used on your home can enhance curb appeal while showcasing your specific style and taste. When it comes to finding the right windows for your ranch-style home, Window World of Central Alabama is here to help. As window replacement experts, we know a thing or two about different styles of windows. We’ve listed out the best window types for your perfect ranch-style home below.

What Makes a House Ranch-Style?

Ranch-style homes are an American tradition that started in California during the 1930s. You can easily spot these iconic, one-story homes by their asymmetrical layout and open spaces. With simplistic floor plans and opportunities for connecting outdoor spaces, ranch-style homes provide flexibility and structure. Today, you can still find ranch-style homes throughout the US, from California all the way to central Alabama and beyond.

Best Windows to Help You Build a Ranch-Style Home

Planning to modernize your ranch-style home? Here are five window styles that will best complement your Birmingham ranch home.

1. Double-Hung Windows

The most classic window option, double-hung windows are a great fit for classic ranch homes. Extremely versatile, they look beautiful in any room in your home: from your living room or den to bedrooms and your dining room.

Choose from our 2000, 4000 or 6000 series double-hung windows and get unmatched energy efficiency and curb appeal, all in a beautiful package.

double hung replacement window

2. Sliding Windows

Most ranch-style homes include sliding doors to provide easy access to outdoor spaces, such as garages or patios. Designers recommend buying sliding windows to pair well with sliding doors.

Sliding windows are great for letting some fresh air flow into your home without the hassle of opening a hung window. We offer 2-lite and 3-lite sliding windows in a variety of colors for your ranch-style house.

Window World 3 lite sliding window

3. Bay & Bow Windows

Ranch-style homes are designed to make the transition from indoors to outdoors feel seamless. Designers recommend buying large windows such as a bay & bow for ranch-style homes to pair well with the flat style and wide layout.

Our bay & bow windows are designed for additional strength and offer increased insulation. Choose bay & bow windows to feel connected to the outdoors even while inside of your home.

Vinyl Bay Window

4. Garden Windows

Looking to remodel the kitchen in your ranch home? Choose a window style that is as charming as the rest of your house! Garden windows are a great addition to any kitchen, especially in a home with classic architecture like a ranch style home.

Garden windows are typically placed above your kitchen sink and provide the perfect space to display small houseplants and keep fresh herbs on hand for all of your favorite dishes.

Window World Garden Window

5. Custom Shaped Windows

Every ranch style home is different. Whether you’re looking at windows to go in your kitchen or your living room, you may want to completely customize your windows. At Window World of Central Alabama, we offer a wide variety of custom shaped windows to give your home individual style and character.

custom vinyl windows


Additional Tips For Transforming Your Home Into a Ranch-Style Home

While there are plenty of things to do if you want to make a ranch-style home, we recommend matching your home’s current architecture. Select modern materials for durability and to match current trends. Most importantly: try to keep it simple. Ranch-style homes are known for their straightforward, easygoing style.

Why Choose Window World Windows For Your Ranch-Style Home?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Window World of Central Alabama when you’re looking for replacement windows. From our affordability and financing options to the wide variety of style options, you’ll find the perfect windows for your ranch style home here.

But there are two benefits of our windows that homeowners appreciate the most: energy efficiency and sound-dampening qualities.

Since ranch-style homes have large windows and open spaces, they experience a lot of sunlight. At Window World of Central Alabama, all of our windows are energy efficient. Not only will energy-efficient windows prevent heat from flowing into your home during the warmer months, but this also will save money on your electricity bill.

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