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Storm Doors vs. Storm Shutters

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When it comes to protecting your Alabama home, you want to choose the best option when seasonal storms hit. Storm doors and shutters are your first line of defense from inclement weather. With many factors to consider, such as strength, aesthetics and budget, it can be a difficult decision. To make it easier, here are the key differences and benefits between storm doors and shutters.

Storm Door

What Are Storm Doors?

Installing storm doors is a perfect first step to prepare your home for a tropical storm. To protect against the elements, they are placed in front of a traditional entry door. Our storm doors provide extra security, added beauty and easy operation so you can feel confident during the toughest of storms. They are available in a variety of styles and materials, including aluminum, steel and wood. When the weather is comfortable, a retractable screen allows fresh air to enter your home while keeping insects and pests out.

Benefits of Storm Doors

Storm doors are built to withstand everyday use and extreme conditions, a perfect addition for safety and durability. By providing an extra layer of insulation, they help reduce energy loss and lower energy costs. Reinforced frames and multiple locking mechanisms provide top-notch security. Increased visibility to your yard is great for watching your kids play, and your furry friends will love looking outside too!

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What Are Storm Shutters?

Unlike traditional shutters, storm or hurricane shutters are protective coverings installed over windows and doors to safeguard them during severe weather, like hurricanes, strong winds or severe storms. Built for an additional layer of defense from flying debris and water infiltration, these shutters are the superior defense during hurricanes. Available in multiple designs, such as accordion, roll-up, Bahama and panel, these shutters  blend with any style of home.

Benefits of Storm Shutters

Hurricane window shutters provide additional peace of mind during severe weather. High winds and flying debris can shatter windows leading to expensive home repairs. When combined with hurricane impact windows, shutters preserve interior furnishings with an extra layer between UV rays and the interior of your home.


How Do Storm Doors and Storm Shutters Compare?

Storm doors and shutters both provide ultimate protection to your home from hurricanes. Worry less about high-intensity storms and potential home invasions. Both options increase your home’s energy-efficiency by adding an extra barrier of insulation between extreme temperatures and your living spaces. Made from highly durable materials, both options withstand anything mother nature throws at you.

Protect Your Home with Window World

With hurricane season upon us, there is no better time to protect your home with new storm doors from Window World of Central Alabama. We are here to help fortify your home to match any style or budget. Contact us today for a free estimate.