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Pet-Friendly Window Decor

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You may have had more time to spend over the last year and a half with your pet. Every pet has a personality of its own. Is yours one that spends hours staring out the window at passersby, birds or just soaking in the sunshine? Let’s make that view even better by enhancing their window experience. 

Add a Window Perch

If you have a cat or small dog, a window perch could be a great way to give them a boost up onto the window proper. With this, they’ll be able to gaze out at their domain (or so they think) easily and comfortably. You can find window perches as small benches or with sturdy suction cups to attach to the window itself as a mounted seat. Assess whether it’s safe for your pet’s size before buying the latter; you don’t want to have the perch fall out from under them while they’re seated! 

Bird Feeders

A bird feeder set up near your window will give your pet plenty of interesting sights to see during the day. Place the bird feeder on a standalone perch or find one intended to be mounted to a tree for a more natural look. Cats in particular love to watch birds (and inquisitive squirrels) scamper on bird feeders for seeds. Many cats can watch this for hours! It’s like a movie binge for your pets. 

Butterfly-Friendly Flower Boxes

Have you heard of butterfly gardens? These gardens are composed of flowers and plants that butterflies love. You can capture the essence of this experience on your own window with a flower box, raised bed garden or small landscaped garden set up in full view of your window. Your pets will love watching the beautiful, graceful butterflies flit between plants gathering nectar — and this is wonderful for people to observe as well.

Keep in mind this will require a little more planning than setting out a bird feeder. You’ll need to make sure the area is suited for butterfly-friendly plants. It should receive plenty of sun during the day as well as have some source of shade from a tree or nearby shrub. Make sure to provide a small water source with some gravel or sand in the shade for the butterflies during the hot middle of the day. 

Pet-Appropriate Shades and Blinds

Your pet may get excited observing all the activity happening outside. You don’t want that excitement to express itself in them pulling your blinds or shades out of shape or, worse, off the window entirely! Low-hanging curtains and blinds are probably best avoided or pulled up if possible while your pet is out and about. A rolling shade or flat roman shade is ideal, as they can easily be pulled up or down to accommodate your pet. As for blinds, spring for heavier materials like wood or faux wood, as these can’t be as easily manipulated by your pet’s paws. 

Don’t Forget The Windows

The most important part of a pet-friendly space for your pet’s window gazing is, of course, the window itself! Without a high-quality, secure window for your furry friend to look out of, they won’t be able to take full advantage of the bounty of fun you’ve set out for them. At Window World of Central Alabama, we carry replacement windows, doors and vinyl siding designed to give tons of curb appeal as well as security so your pet can look outside in peace — without you worrying the window isn’t safe or could unlatch unexpectedly. Get in touch with us to talk over your free estimate and give your pet the best environment today!