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Making the Most of Indoor-Outdoor Living in Fall

3 min read

We’re ready to make a potentially divisive statement: fall is the coziest time of year. 

Whether you agree or disagree, there are a lot of advantages to be found during fall! The cooler weather can make staying outdoors really pleasant, so make full use of your indoor-outdoor living spaces before it’s too cold to stay outside for long. While you could choose to move indoors and stay warm in a sunroom during autumn, your porch or patio can still be usable before the weather turns bitterly cold! 

We’ve got some tips on how to enhance your indoor-outdoor living spaces during this cozy time of year.

Put in a Fire Pit

A fire pit is a wonderful place to gather together and present a conversation space during parties or family nights at home. The warmth of the fire pit helps alleviate the nip in the air and your kids will love being able to roast marshmallows so easily. 

Invest in a Patio Heater

The nights will get colder before they get warmer again. To make use of your indoor-outdoor space on a more year-round basis, add a patio heater! This will let you get more mileage out of your outdoor area and continue to comfortably enjoy your fall nights.

Replacement Bow Window

Enjoy Your Outdoor View

Large windows near your outdoor space bring your living spaces closer together, allowing nature inside even when it gets too chilly to be outdoors for long. We recommend casement or sliding windows since they can be left open during spring, summer and fall.

Bring the Party to your Patio with a Bar or Grill 

An outdoor kitchen with a wet bar or even just an outdoor-appropriate bar cart and small grill brings some zest to your patio! Great for parties or for an after-work treat, you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy the changing leaves. Your fall dinners just got a lot more fun. Plus, during parties, you can put it to use as a multipurpose hot beverage station and bar!

Add Layers and Textiles

It’s getting cooler, so make sure you’ve got plenty of outdoor rugs and some rugs to pile on when you’re sitting outside. Staying warm is important, but adding warm fall colors with comfortable blankets and furry or textured pillows easily helps you turn your patio into an autumn oasis. If you’ve got a pergola or roof, you can add thick curtains to keep some of the chill out as well.

Bring Your Candles Outside

This is the perfect time of year to bring your candles outside for your fall nights! It adds a warm, welcoming glow to parties and, with so many wonderful fall smells (pumpkin spice and apple cider, anyone?), you can incorporate those elements into your space as well.

Upgrade Your Coziness with Hanging Lights

Hanging lights bring a touch of whimsy to any living space, but they work particularly well on a patio area. Use these lights to frame your living space, weave them in and out over your patio roof or pergola, or string them on a back wall in an artistic display. They’re versatile and a classic touch of cozy for your fall space.

Patio Doors Bring the Outdoors In

Once fall fades into winter, you can continue to enjoy your beautiful indoor-outdoor space through a patio door! This presents a real advantage, as it turns your outdoor area into a four-seasons space and cements it as part of your home’s living area. Window World of Central Alabama’s attractive sliding patio doors present an unintrusive way to transition your home from indoor space to outdoor without putting too many limitations in your way. Get in touch with us today to learn more!