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How to Fix a Broken Window Seal in Your Alabama Home

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Window seals help keep your home insulated and prevent heat from escaping. If you frequently notice cold drafts or condensation on the windows of your Birmingham home, it may be a sign of seal failure. Follow our guide to spot a broken window seal, and learn the best methods to fix it.

What is a Broken Window Seal and Why is it Important to Fix Them? 

Window seals help your windows close tightly and control the air that comes in and out of your home. A broken window seal means that these insulating capabilities are diminished. Although windows experience a lot of wear and tear, broken window seals are not common. It is important to fix sealing issues when they pop up since this means your HVAC system will have to work much harder to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient. Whether it is a single double-hung window or an entire house, fixing these issues sooner rather than later can alleviate future headaches.

What Are the Signs of a Broken Window Seal? 

Over time, those hot Birmingham summers can deteriorate your window seals and cause them to disintegrate. Here are three signs that your window seals have failed and you need to replace them.

1. You Notice a Draft by Your Window

Do you feel like one room in your house is colder than the rest of the Birmingham house? Think you need a jacket while sitting next to a window? If you experience any of these signs, you probably need a new window seal. Broken window seals can cause your home to lose heat more quickly, which can increase your utility bills.

2. You See Stress Cracks and Crumbles in Your Window Base

If your windows have any cracks, crumbles in the base or are rotting, your window caulking is probably deteriorating. These signs mean that your HVAC system is picking up the extra burden, which causes your utility bill to increase. By fixing your window seal, you could lower your utility bill and help keep your windows airtight. 

3. You Notice Condensation on Your Windows

Are your windows foggy during the middle of the day or at other times when they should be clear? Condensation between the two window panes is a distinct sign of broken window seals. However, condensation on the outside or inside of window panes is normal.

To test this, clean both the inside and the outside windowpane with a cloth and a cleaning solution. If you still notice condensation on your windows after you thoroughly clean them, chances are that your window seal is failing. 

condensation on window

How to Fix a Broken Window Seal

If you encounter a broken window seal in your home, here are the best methods to resolve the issue:

What to Do If Your Window Seal Breaks on Your Alabama Home

If your window seal breaks, check your warranty and see if your windows are still covered by the company that originally installed the windows. Depending on your warranty, you may be able to file a claim. 

If you purchased your windows from Window World of Central Alabama, our limited lifetime warranty covers your broken window seals. Just file a claim for one of our team members to provide you with a new window seal at no additional cost. 

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