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How to Keep Your Central Alabama House Cool in the Summer

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Looking for the best way to keep your house cool in the summer? You can install a few energy-efficient devices in your home that can lower the temperature without raising your electricity bill. Read on to learn a few ways to keep your house cool during those hot Birmingham summers.

Best Ways to Keep Your House Cool

Central Alabama arguably has some of the hottest summers in the country. The morning temperature starts at about 70 degrees and climbs to about 90 degrees by midday. So, how can you start your day off right with cool temperatures throughout your house? 

Here are some of the best strategies to keep your house comfortable during those humid days:

Use Energy-Efficient Windows 

Energy-efficient windows are one of the best ways to keep your house cool in extreme heat because they help you avoid unwanted heat. Also, energy-efficient windows can help you save up to 5% on your monthly energy bill. You can install them throughout your home, especially in rooms with poor ventilation.

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Buy A Fan

Fans use significantly less energy than regular AC units. To increase the ventilation in a room or have a room that doesn’t circulate air well, try running a fan in the room during the hottest parts of the day. Be sure to buy an DC fan instead of an AC fan because DC fans are more energy efficient. 

Don’t worry about it running up your electricity bill. You can usually run an AC fan throughout the day without seeing a significant increase in your energy bill. If you limit your fan usage to the hottest parts of the day, then this could potentially be a great way to save money and keep your house cool.

Install a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers can help control the amount of moisture in the air to reduce humidity and increase air ventilation. Energy Star recommends buying a dehumidifier with a humidistat. That way, you can program your preferred humidity level and let the system auto regulate the room. You can find dehumidifiers in various sizes to provide enough support for the space. 

Close Your Blinds in the Afternoon

When the sun shines through your windows, it can increase your room temperature if you don’t have energy-efficient windows. To mitigate this effect, try closing your blinds during the hottest parts of the day so that you can reduce any extra heat. If you need to increase the amount of light in the room, try adding a few LED light bulbs to brighten the space without raising your bill. 

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Clean Your Air Filters

According to the EPA, air filters can improve ventilation in a room. To get the best results from your air filter, clean the filter as needed during the summer to ensure that the air filter works properly. 

Also, air filters could help the room feel less stuffy and make it easier to breathe in the space. Although this does not impact the temperature directly, this can make the room feel more comfortable. 

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