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Home Design Trends You Won’t See in 2024

2 min read

Home design trends come and go, making space for fresh interiors and new perspectives. While you should always decorate your home in ways that bring joy and comfort, refreshing your space can help it feel timeless and polished. We’ve got four home design trends on their way out in 2024, but don’t worry—we’ve also lined up a few ideas to elevate your 2024 style.

Modern Farmhouse

The rustic charm and industrial accents of the modern farmhouse aesthetic were once irresistible, but we’re seeing less of this contemporary Southern style in 2024. Modern farmhouse style is often left up to interpretation, with homeowners choosing design pieces like barn doors, exposed brick or wood and farmhouse sinks. It’s a saturated interior style that’s heavily influenced by social trends and box-store furniture, leaving little room for your true style to shine through.

Try Instead: Pair soft white or cream vinyl siding with a black entry door and windows for timeless appeal.

Vanilla Design

Also known as the “sad beige aesthetic” by Gen Z, vanilla design is characterized by its lack of personalization and character. While a neutral or muted color palette isn’t inherently boring, a lack of textural elements or eye-catching decor leaves guests uninspired. When paired with all-natural materials like rattan and linen, a vanilla-designed home may blur together and deliver much less than expected, leaving virtually no impression of the home’s inhabitants.

Try Instead: Add interest to your home’s exterior with a warm front door color or a sliding patio door to blend nature into your space.

Too-Bare Minimalism

A minimalistic home reduces clutter and makes your space beautifully efficient, but where do you draw the line? While we love minimalism’s intentional, pared-down elements, taking it to the extreme is out for 2024. Clean lines and simple furniture silhouettes sound good in theory, but it can get out of hand—leaving your home barren of interest, depth and overall comfort.

Try Instead: Make a minimalist space more inviting with organic elements. Live plants and natural materials can help bring your space to life without needing to add too many unnecessary decor pieces.

White Everything

All-white interiors are a popular choice for homeowners looking to modernize their space. Bright whites help your space appear larger and more open, but all-white-everything can be too monotone. Plus, it’s nearly impossible to maintain a pristine white, especially in a home with children or pets.

Try Instead: Balance your white interiors without the full renovation. Update white windows with warm, wood-grain replacements—or color-drench your walls with an indulgent paint shade for a striking contrast.

Elevating Your Home’s Design for 2024

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