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Is it Possible to Get a Sunburn Through Windows?

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It’s easy to think that sunlight can only be dangerous when we’re outside. But the truth is, not all windows are actually foolproof when it comes to protection from the sun. Wondering what window sunlight can actually do to your skin? Here’s what you need to know and what windows can make the most difference.  

Sunburn Through Windows?

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The good news is that while it’s possible to get a sunburn through your windows, it generally doesn’t happen quickly. Your skin can still sustain damage over time, though. 

There are two types of harmful sun rays to watch out for: UVB rays and UVA rays. Unless you have high-quality windows backed by top technologies, you likely don’t have peak protection from either. 

UVB Rays

These rays are the main cause of burns and related conditions, like skin cancers. Fortunately, most windows will stop a majority of UVB rays.  

UVA Rays

These rays can contribute to burns, but they’re also a leading cause of premature skin aging and wrinkling. Most windows are less effective at blocking UVA rays. 

Preventing Harmful Damage

So, what solutions are available? When it comes to keeping safe from the sun, there are a few options to boost your defenses. 

Use Window Blinds and/or Curtains 

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Both blinds and curtains can help limit dangerous UV rays. Just know that the level of protection offered can vary, so it helps to do research on what’s available. The downfall with even the best blinds and curtains, though, is that they won’t solve the core of your issue. As soon as you move your curtains or put up your blinds to enjoy your view or just take in some sun, UV rays will find their way in again. 

Tint Your Windows With UV-Blocking Film

The right film for your windows can considerably boost their UV protection. Even with a degree of tint that’s barely noticeable, it’ll help them do a better job of protecting you. Just remember, though, that this a solution that you’ll need to apply yourself and potentially keep tabs on. 

Replace Your Windows With Higher-Quality, UV-Ready Ones

The truth is, not all windows are equal. Generally speaking, the more window panes or glazes your windows have (i.e., the number of sheets of glass in them), the greater the protection. By design, all Window World windows are double or triple-pane and include energy-efficient technologies that regulate sunlight. The glass itself is always Low-E Glass, which means it’s engineered with a microscopic metallic coat to block even more UV rays.

Keep Your Skin Safe During Summer With Window World

Everyone’s skin is different, so it’s important to know your own limits. Enjoy peace of mind with windows tailored to meet your protection needs. Besides the protection from the sun they offer, they’ll hold up in inclement weather, help your home be more energy-efficient and last for years to come. To get started, request your free estimate today from Window World of Central Alabama.