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Anatomy of a French Door

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French doors are elegant by design. Every element of Window World’s French doors are crafted to further that elegance as well as make it last as long as possible. Plus, with our lifetime warranty, you’ll be able to count on making the most of your door for the years to come. Take a closer look at how our French doors work to get a better understanding into how your own doors work so well at keeping your home secure and protected from the elements. 

Elements of Our French Doors

Sill and Bottom Sweep

The sill and bottom sweep, which form the lowest part of the door, contain weather protection measures to keep the elements out. They form a tight seal to keep rain or other moisture getting in on inclement days. Not only that, but they funnel the excess moisture away from the door, making the likelihood of tracking wet shoe prints into your home or finding puddles after rain less of a possibility. 

Corner Seal Pads

These innovative pieces work to provide a harmonious seal for the sill cap, bottom sweep and weatherstripping at the bottom of the door. Ultimately, it serves as another way to prevent the outdoors from getting in. Corner seal pads block the bottom corner of the door to prevent wind-driven moisture from infiltrating either the inner workings of the door or the inside of your home. This piece is only found on doors with an inswing, or a door that opens into your home as opposed to swinging outward. 


Our hinges help to press the door firmly against the weatherstripping, which ensures moisture stays outside your home and doesn’t seep in around the hinges. Since they press so closely together, this forms a tight seal against moisture and even air infiltration when the door is closed. Your home will be as warm or cool as you choose it, with no input from the outside air to change it! 


We’ve discussed weatherstripping as it relates to other parts of the door, but how does it function on its own? Weatherstripping is an important part of how energy efficient a door can be, since it prevents outside air and moisture from getting in through otherwise vulnerable points of the door. Window World engineers our weatherstripping specifically to provide the best fit for our French doors, meaning you will have a precise seal between door and frame. 

Multi-point Locking System

Since French doors are usually seen as exterior doors, we recommend an optional upgrade that locks the door and frame tightly together at three points from the top to the bottom of the door. This also helps to preserve the weatherstripping’s effects even in heavy wind pressure. Even if a storm is outside your home, this means your French door will stand strong. 

Lip-Lite Frame

The lip-lite frame is the frame you’ll see around the panes of glass on the French door. It increases the durability of the frame around the glass, adding a compression seal to combat weather effects to the outside of the door and an adhesive seal to hold the glass in place on the outside of the glass. 

Doors Built to Last

Our French doors are made to be elegant additions to your home’s curb appeal, but hopefully taking a closer look at the anatomy of what goes into the door gives you an idea of how durable Window World doors are, as well as how much care goes into their construction. 

Interested in a replacement door for your home? Whether it’s a French door, French rail or new entry door, all Window World doors are made to increase your home’s security and add a touch of your personal style to the exterior of your home. Contact us today for a free estimate on a new door. We’re happy to help you upgrade your home!