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A Guide to Dormer Windows

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Looking to break up the expanse of your roof line and add dimension to your home’s exterior? Dormer windows may be the solution!

What is a Dormer Window?

Dormer windows are windows that sit upright on the slope of a roof. The word dormer stems from dormeor, a Middle French word meaning “sleeping room,” but today’s dormer windows are more commonly used to introduce natural light into attics or lofts.

Why Invest In a Dormer Window?

Dormer windows require expert installation, as their structure requires the main roof to be reconstructed. When installed correctly, dormer windows produce multiple benefits for your home and its space.

Create Additional Living Space

Dormers have their own roofs separate from your existing roof line, expanding the space in your attic or loft. This space can be utilized in a variety of ways, increasing the functionality of your home. Use the vaulted dormer ceiling to build out an extra bedroom, a reading nook or your own personal art studio.

Let in Natural Light

Installing additional windows in your home only increases the amount of natural light each room will receive, making dormer windows the perfect option for low-functioning, dimly lit spaces. And with additional natural light, you may see benefits that extend beyond your home, including boosted vitamin D levels, improved mood, and more balanced circadian rhythms.

Add Aesthetic Appeal

Sitting against the pitch of your roof, dormer windows add architectural detail, resulting in a more dynamic and interesting home design. Dormer windows can boost your home’s curb appeal, but be sure to find a style that matches your home. Our wide selection of styles (double-hung, custom windows and more) make the perfect dormer window.

Can I Install Dormer Windows Myself?

It’s important to note that installing dormer windows is not a DIY job—it’s one home improvement task that should be left to the experts. Improper installation may result in significant roof damage, making your home more susceptible to leaks and chilly drafts.

Explore Dormer Window Options

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