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The Best Windows for Sunrooms and Florida Rooms

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Birmingham homeowners know how harsh summers can be. Air conditioners and ceiling fans run all day long, and going outside becomes all but off limits. That’s where a sunroom comes in.

Sometimes called a Florida room or three season porch, these spaces are designed to allow maximum light and fresh air while still being fully enclosed. They have an abundance of windows, sometimes floor-to-ceiling on all walls, so choosing the right type of glass is important. Get it right, and your sunroom is perfectly comfortable all summer long; get it wrong, and you’ll spend your summer sweating in a greenhouse.

Window World of Central Alabama is here to present all your sunroom window options and help you make the right decision! Here, our window experts will explain everything you need to know about choosing the best windows for your sunroom.


Awning windows brightens living room.

Choosing Sunroom Windows

When it comes to sunroom windows, energy efficiency is the most important factor. The more energy-efficient a window is, the more insulation it has. Insulation is key to keeping your sunroom comfortable and ensuring that your sunroom doesn’t cause your energy bills to spike.

We don’t recommend single-pane windows for sunrooms. They aren’t insulated and therefore won’t keep temperatures consistent in your sunroom.

For sunrooms in Birmingham, double-pane windows are a great choice. Two panes of glass with an insulator like argon gas between the panes is enough to keep your sunroom temperatures relatively consistent and comfortable year round.

To increase energy efficiency and comfort even more, look for windows with low-E (low-emissivity) glass. This is a microscopic coating that actually reflects heat energy away from the window, keeping your sunroom cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

The Benefits of Large Windows for Sunrooms

Ultimately, you’ll want to select windows that allow for the most sunlight, ventilation and outdoor views for your sunroom. Installing large windows in your sunroom provides more surface area for reflecting sunlight, helping to keep your sunroom at a comfortable temperature year-round. This can be especially important if you plan to fill your sunroom with plants that require as much natural light as possible—with such a setup, you can enjoy nature even in winter!

Best Replacement Window Styles for Sunrooms

Now that you know what to look for in the glass and materials that go into your windows, what styles work best in sunrooms? Here are five of the most popular choices:

Double Hung Windows

Sunroom windows that open offer welcome ventilation on even the hottest of Alabama days. So it’s no surprise that our most popular window style, double hung windows are ideal for sunrooms. With both bottom and top sashes that open, you can easily enjoy fresh air and cool breezes. Like all of our windows, they’re made to fit your space, so it’s easy to replace your old windows with double hung.

You should also choose vinyl windows for your sunroom as it resists humidity better than other materials. Vinyl is also lightweight and energy-efficient, the perfect combination for sunrooms.

Double hung windows

Sliding Windows

For maximum glass space and beautiful panoramic views, choose sliding windows for your sunroom. Available in 2-lite and 3-lite sliders, they can fit horizontal spaces of nearly any size. You’ll love the sleek, modern look and expanded glass space.

sliding window

Casement Windows

Casement windows are a popular choice for sunrooms because they offer vertical views and thin frames. Place 3-4 casement windows side-by-side on a single wall and enjoy the views! They crank open for easy operation, allowing you to enjoy fresh air whenever you like.

Casement windows show off panoramic views from living room.

Awning Windows

Awning windows pair well above and below other window styles, particularly double hung and casement. Stacking them with other styles allows you to easily expand your window area. Best of all? Awning windows crank open and out, allowing you to leave them open rain or shine.

Replacement Awning Window

Bay & Bow Windows

If you’d like to take your sunroom to the next level, bay & bow windows are the perfect way to do it! These windows open up the room by adding a little extra space and expanded glass. Add a window seat to a bay & bow window and create the perfect reading nook!

Bay and bow windows let light into living room.

Find The Perfect Windows for Your Sunroom at Window World of Central Alabama

If you’re ready to upgrade your sunroom windows, make Window World of Central Alabama your first choice! We’ll help you determine the best styles and glass options to make your sunroom your new favorite spot in the house. Get started by requesting your free consultation.