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The Importance of Home Inspections, and Why You Should Get One

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For how much of a difference it can make, a home inspection is one of the most inexpensive decisions you can make. Not only can it help you understand the holistic condition of a home you’re about to call your own, but it can also open your eyes to current or future repairs that may affect your purchase. 

Still, with the money and time that go into buying a home before an inspection, we can understand if you’re thinking about saving instead of spending. If a home inspection is potentially on the chopping block for you before you sign on the dotted line, let’s discuss what they’re all about, what they can (and can’t) reveal, and specifics on what could make one worth it.

Why Are Home Inspections So Important, and What Do They Cover?

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Home inspections are a thorough review of a home’s most important visible features (so no insides of pipes or walls). During them, inspectors will use their professional training and neutral eye to identify what are real problems and what are just minor issues, what needs attention (or even immediate repair), and what could need work in the future. The home inspection checklist can be broken down into two parts: an exterior inspection (e.g., if it could be worth investing in high–quality siding), and an interior inspection that covers everything from door quality to the flushness of the windows. Inspectors will also check for traces of carbon monoxide and combustible gases in the air, too. 

Home inspections generally take a couple of hours or more and typically range in price from $300 to $500, based on factors like the size and age of the house. Since inspectors will not repair the issues they identify, it’s recommended to attend the inspection so you can ask immediate questions. If this all sounds excessive, you may opt instead for a four-point inspection that focuses on these key areas: the HVAC, roof, plumbing, and electrical wiring/panels. 

4 More Reasons Why You Should Get A Home Inspection

Lenders and Insurance Companies Often Require Them

If you’re considering skipping your inspection, keep in mind that lenders generally won’t help finance homes that haven’t had one. Also, while you don’t legally have to get anything fixed after an inspection, it may expose issues that both lenders and insurance will need resolved before they get involved. 

They May Uncover Life-Threatening Problems

A home inspection can potentially explore issues like radon, carbon monoxide, mold or even faulty wiring. Problems like these are even more likely if you’re buying a foreclosed-on property. The inspection also has the added bonus of highlighting any essential components that are missing (like necessary wiring). 

They Can End the Purchase (If Needed)

If your home inspection uncovers major or hazardous issues that are deal-breakers for you, you potentially have a seven-day window to walk away. Just make sure this clause is stated in your home-buying contract first. 

They Could Help With Negotiations 

Home inspections are a perfect lead-in for negotiations between your broker and the seller. If there are necessary repairs that have been uncovered, you can come together on a compromise of fixing them on your end — for a lower selling price — or having the seller fix them before you sign. Just remember that a seller is not obligated to fix issues exposed by a home inspection, so be sure to have everything you agree to in writing.

Renovations Can Make a World of Difference

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